Applicant Addendum
By submitting your resume or other job search-related information through the "Careers" section of our website, which is operated by Qualcomm Incorporated, a California, USA-based corporation, you acknowledge the information in this privacy notice, which supplements and qualifies our general Website Privacy Statement General Privacy Policy.

We will use your personal information for recruitment purposes, and if you are offered a job or become employed by Qualcomm Incorporated or one of its direct or indirect subsidiaries (collectively "Qualcomm Group"), it will be used for other employment- related purposes by the Qualcomm Group. These purposes include, but are not limited to: verifying past employment and/or education, checking references, confirming ability to legally work in the country, contacting the employee and/or his/her emergency contacts at home if necessary, setting/adjusting compensation, job duties and titles, administering benefits, including health insurance, processing health insurance applications and claims, administering stock options, administering 401K, managing performance, withholding and payment of applicable taxes.

Resumes/C.V. should include information relevant to your employment history and education (degrees obtained, places worked, positions held, relevant awards, and so forth). We recommend that you do not disclose sensitive personal characteristics (e.g. gender, height, weight, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, financial data) in your resume/C.V. or letters to Qualcomm.

Also see Qualcomm's corporate General Privacy Policy.

Last revised: September 13, 2007